Easy Sanya, Easy trip.

There are 3 beaches in Sanya Hainan Island, namely Yalong Bay, Dadonghai and Sanya Bay.

Yalong Bay

Known as the world’s best bay, Yalong Bay is about 25 km away from Sanya City. Maybe all the Sanya’s or even Hainan Province’s luxurious hotels are built here. The beach (the sands and the sea water) of Yalong Bay are better than that of all other bays, because Yalong Bay has been developed not long time ago plus hotels here have dedicated staff to take care of their own beaches. Therefore, you may choose to stay in Yalong Bay if you are financially strong.



Dadonghai is the earliest developed bay in Sanya. It is also the closest bay from Sanya City and therefore convenient to travel. It only costs one RMB to travel from the bay to Sanya City by bus. The transportation and meals are all convenient for tourists. The coco trees and hotels’ buildings there are full of freshness and vigor. However, its landscape could only be titled as the second after the Yalong Bay.

Sanya Bay

If you prefer economic choices with less expenses and shorter time on the road, we would suggest Sanya Bay to you, because it is convenient regarding transportation, food, shopping, taxi, and getting to the airport. Besides, Sanya Bay is grander with glamorous coco trees and gorgeous views of the East Island and the West Island. Yalong Bay is comparatively not as convenient as Sanya Bay.