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Shanghai, located at the outlet of the Yangtze River into the sea in east China, is a metropolis, the largest economic center and one of the four cities under the direct jurisdiction of the central government in China.The area of Shanghai totals 6,340 square kilometers. Shanghai has a permanent population of more than 13.50 million while it sees a large moving population of over 2.5 million daily.

Shanghai is an economic city of great importance for China. Especially the development and opening of Pudong has pushed Shanghai to the strategic forefront of reform and opening up to the outside world.

Shanghai is not only a metropolis renowned in the world but also a great tourist attraction in China. On the one hand it is known to the world with its unique urban-attractions, rich and varied humane and cultural resources, As from 1982 onwards, the overseas tourist hosted in Shanghai has witnessed a number of over one million every year while the domestic tourists have seen a yearly average of more than tens of millions. In future, Shanghai is going to be a city featureing sightseeing tours as a trend in the development of tourism.

With great efforts made Shanghai is going to place itself as early as possible among the world famous economic and trade centers, thereby bringing up the new economic boom in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole area along the mighty river. At present, the rudimentary shape of splendid blueprint has come into being, and it is confident that a new Shanghai enjoying a bluer sky, clearer water, greener land and more sociable people in a more improved and harmonious society will come to appear on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean in not too long a future.. .