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South Bay Monkey Island Is located 5 kilometers from Lingshui County. There are nearly 400 types of tropical plants on the island and almost a hundred types of animals. The transportation to the macaques' protection area of 100 hectares is first by boat on the island followed by cable car rides to the mountain. The sea is beautiful and the rocks are grotesquely-shaped. 21 groups of thousand of macaques live here. Several crowds have been domesticated. The best time to observe the monkeys is when the feeder feed them during the two splendid performances held daily. The monkeys jump and run with trees swinging and grass moving upon whistling.

Once you step onto the island, what come to your sight are rolling mountains, green trees, colorful mountain flowers, and tempting wild fruits. While in the macaque viewing area, if you carry something with you, nervous and solemn, the macaques will hide well to be invisible or look at you in the trees and on the top of caverns far and away. With the help of guides in the tourist area, you can learn to communicate with the macaques, as well as play with them. It is really amusing to play with macaques, which always makes tourists reluctant to leave.

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