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Nanshan (South Mountain) is the southernmost mountain in China. It is situated 40 miles west of Sanya, the only tropical seaside city in China.
Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is a rare extra large-scale eco-cultural tourism zone with an area of 50 square km including sea area of more than 10 square km.

Nanshan was also named As (Tortoise) Mountain in ancient time because of it’s tortoise-like shape. Tortoise is considered as the ride of Guanyin Buddha and also the totem of longevity. Covered by luxuriant vegetation with clouds curling up, facing South China Sea with boundless expanse of blue water and vast shining wave’s white breakers leaping against rocks, Nanshan Bay (also called Small Moon Bay) extending tens of miles, the sea and the sky setting each other off beautifully, Nanshan is really a beautiful paradise.
Nanshan is also noted for the 108m high Buddha Guanyin statue on the sea, which is the No. 1 of the world

How to get here: 60 minutes driving from the town of Sanya and Dadonghai, 80 minutes from Yalong Bay, 45 minutes from the Sanya Airport.
Entrance Fee: RMB150/person.

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